Setsuko Richard Gere Leaves Me Breathless

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Richard Gere Leaves Me Breathless is the result of an obsession that started with a topless photo of the Hollywood hunk in a Japanese fan book. Then with the discovery of the sexy, stylish 1983 remake of Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless, starring Gere and Valerie Kaprisky a full-on collection of memorabilia followed, resulting in a series of books and editions. A scene from the movie Breathless was recently exhibited at Utrecht Tokyo and a lifesize Gere cutout was also seen hanging out at the ASP Fair, ICA. An interactive Gere archive will be installed at the Queen Adelaide together with the publication Richard Gere Leaves me Breathless, a reimagined facsimile of the original film press pack, as well as other mega hot treats.

Setsuko are two book-makers Richard Bevan and Tamsin Clark, they have a thing about sun visors, sometimes dress as squirrels and are thinking about publishing a football scarf. Their publications are Setsuko Hara (The Block, 2013), A Zoo for Chris Marker (Setsuko, 2015) and Richard Gere Leaves Me Breathless (Setsuko, 2016). Recent presentations include Little Vehicle, Botao Gallery, Nagoya (2016), Richard Gere Leaves Me Breathless, Utrecht, Tokyo (2016), ASP2: The Sequel, ICA, London (2016).